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Cultural Butterfly


Wisdom leaders, wisdom sharers, wisdom bearers

They’re at least as important as “thought leaders”, although often not recognized.

It’s common to hear someone referred to as a “thought leader”. I would say that recognizing people who are “wisdom leaders” or “wisdom sharers” or "wisdom bearers" is at least as important, if not more so, in this evolutionary time of our polycrises.


We don’t lack for more thinking or better information now. Information is not transformation! We need wisdom to give us the bigger picture for what the thinking and information is all about.

We need wisdom to help us make meaning that gives us deeper truth and more aliveness as we struggle in our collective chrysalis to shed the “cultural caterpillar” consciousness we’ve inhabited for so long and become the “cultural butterfly” we are called to be. 


Here are just a few of the people who currently serve that function in my life. I’m naming these because they are public figures. There are a number of others to whom I’m indebted for being wisdom leaders, wisdom sharers, or wisdom bearers for me who are not well-known or public.  


In alphabetical order by first name:

These wisdom leaders, wisdom sharers, and wisdom bearers have very different contexts and backgrounds, and there have been many other wisdom leaders, sharers, and bearers for me over the years.


The common thread is they have paradigm-shifting, transformative perspectives that are creating a new cultural “operating system” for our real well-being, if we are open to it.  


They are among many people who are the “imaginal cells” with the blueprint of our “cultural butterfly”. As various wisdom perspectives connect from these and many other people who are also “imaginal cells”, they create the “cultural butterfly” we are called to be.


Are you a wisdom leader, wisdom sharer, or wisdom bearer? Who do you look to for nourishing wisdom in your life?  

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