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Breaking my hip as a doorway to transformation

Transformation is an “inside job”, and it helps to know

how to see what you’re experiencing.

Early one morning in January I woke up with a very strong feeling coming from my Inner Being. The words that came were “PUT ME TO GOOD USE!” It was both a demand and also a deeper surrender to Spirit/Source/Life Itself. I felt at peace and curious to see how it might unfold.  


A couple of days later I fell and broke my hip, resulting in emergency hip replacement surgery with three weeks recovery in the hospital and a rehab facility, plus another three weeks recovery at home without being able to drive, get groceries, or do social activities with friends.


I live by myself 45 minutes from the nearest large town where I do all my shopping, socializing, and personal business, so my fall was a serious “break in the action”. Interestingly, from the moment it happened I felt inner peace and no real fear, in spite of the obvious pain, trauma and external events. I experienced being on a palpable flow of energy, totally taken care of by Spirit/Source/Life Itself. I remembered that deep demand “PUT ME TO GOOD USE!” and knew clearly and intuitively that this whole experience was somehow part of that unfolding.


And sure enough . . . one miracle after another unfolded. (Years ago I read an anonymous definition of a miracle that I still use: “A miracle is not the suspension of natural law. A miracle is the operation of a higher law.”)


As I interacted with hospital staff and my visitors, I had unexpected “heart” connections with many of them in which there was that unmistakable spark of real life and “beingness”, beyond the usual “doings”. These were like “breadcrumbs on the trail” for me, letting me know I was “in the flow” and being “put to good use.”


I’m recovering very quickly and well. Even more importantly, I’m participating in this process with much more conscious respect and reverence for my body’s innate healing wisdom. An example is my returning to driving. I was eager to do that, but I also felt resistance and very far from being ready. I listened to my body and waited until I knew my whole system was aligned with driving again. When I drove into town, I felt connected and in the flow, and it was quite easy and natural. I know if I had tried to “push through” when I wasn’t ready, I would have disconnected from Spirit/Source, experienced fear and stress, and it would not have gone nearly as well. That approach of trying to “push, strive, drive, override, manage, and control” my life from a disconnected, mechanistic, mental mindset has been my default way of operating, like most of us in this Western culture.


An abundance of friends and family showed up with all kinds of support, which gave me the chance to receive fully and freely. In addition, for many years I have longed for more authentic personal relationships, beyond just a superficial social level. So another huge miracle for me was that this event “broke open” some of my inner energy patterns with which I had blocked closer relationships. This “breaking open” showed up as having deeply meaningful conversations with women whom I had known only as casual friends. These conversations have opened the door and laid the groundwork for further deeper connections and authentic relationships—my longtime dream coming true.  


Who knew a broken hip could be transformational? In my experience, transformation is available in many unexpected ways. However, it helps to know where to look and how to see what you’re looking at, and then be willing to follow the trail! And, it can be an immense help to have a trusted guide with you on this journey. I’ve traveled in this territory many times over the years, and it’s my joy and honor to support people through this experience.  

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