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A paradigm shift: “What if advertising was honest?”

This TED Talk needs to go viral!

“After years of brand building, marketing veteran Sylvester Chauke realized that his industry had sold the world on overconsumption, with devastating consequences. He shares how marketers could instead promote sustainability with "honest ads" that do right by the planet and encourage people to think twice before buying.”


In my mind, this is a stunning example of how a new perspective, a new way of seeing things, creates a paradigm shift, because once you’ve seen something different in this kind of profound way, you “can’t not see it” again. I applaud Chauke for his courage and clarity in calling a spade a spade and naming the elephant in the room.


This is another example of the “cracks in the concrete” of our current cultural story that is creating openings for real life to emerge and express itself more authentically.

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