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"Eight World Views"--Mark Nepo

Mark Nepo says the health of all community depends on how we treat each other. These world views can help us stay wholehearted, authentic, and in true relationship to life and each other.

He summarizes these world views as:

All My Relations from the Native American tradition. The Practice: To discover, name, and repair the connections that exist between all things.

Ubuntu from the African tradition. The Practice: To water the common roots by which we all grow and to honor our strong need to join.

Thou Art That from the Hindu tradition. The Practice: To face and feel a life of compassion that honors that we are at heart the same.

The I and Thou Relationship from the Jewish tradition. The Practice: To stay committed to the life of honest conversation.

Ya Ayuni! from the Lebanese tradition. The Practice: To welcome other views in the belief that we need each other to be complete.

The Great Spoked Wheel from the early Christian mystic tradition. The Practice: To embody the paradox of our uniqueness and commonness by which the Great Wheel of Humanity turns.

Hygge from the Danish tradition. The Practice: To create well-being, connection, warmth, and a sense of belonging.

I See You! I Am Here! from the African Bushmen tradition. The Practice: To be present and bear witness to each other and other life.

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