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"Survival of the Kindest"--Compassion Games

Compassion Games is creating Peace on Earth by 2030. We are collaborating on a Bottom-Up Grand Strategy to Reinvent the Planet that contributes to achieving the UN Global Goals and creates a breakthrough “social change game” we call Peace on Earth by 2030.

To change the world we need to dream a new one into existence. This takes courage, knowledge, and people who believe that future is possible. We believe it is possible to create Peace on Earth by 2030. How do we mobilize and engage social innovators and youth around the globe to create Peace on Earth by 2030?

We invite you to play and become a Patron to contribute to its development!

The Compassion Games, Empowerment Institute, Serve Community and many others are partnering in unprecedented ways to design and play Peace on Earth by 2030.

In July 2018 we started with Sevens Actions to Create Peace on Earth and two very different teams. The Hustlers for Humanity at UCSB in Santa Barbara and the Marefat High School in Kabul, Afghanistan.

One action is to "Befriend the Other." This requires players to reach out to someone that is different and ask to be their friends. Inspired by the Empty Hands Music video "We Shall Overcome - Love Will Rise Again," Sahar and her team at Marefat High School are planning synergized Peace Waves with the message of love, kindness, and compassion that they will perform and record on the streets of Kabul.

Each of the 7 actions challenges the players and teams to create transformative social change, making the impossible possible.

Peace on Earth 2030 is funded by "We the Global People" - that's you and me! Please become a patron and support its development. Let's make the impossible, possible!

How will we reach the critical mass and engage them to play?

Another of the Seven Actions is to gather a Critical Mass of Dream Keepers willing to act to make our collective dream a reality. We host quarterly online Peace Wave Summits that highlight social innovators and youth leaders demonstrating models of transformative social change. The real-time summits are also fun! Let's Make Waves!

During the summit, we organize a Compassion Game to multiply our sharing of Facebook Livestreams and to make waves of social change. These waves reach like-minded people and increase the numbers of players and teams who care and share with each other. This is a win-win challenge to be authentic, creative, and join in and surf the flow of this collective pattern of uplift. Our global launch event is a Global Peace Wave with 100 Million People online simultaneously on Sunday, September 20, 2020; the day before the International Day of Peace. We will launch an International decade devoted to achieving the UN Global Goals and creating Peace on Earth by 2030!

On September 20, 2020, we will launch a global version of Peace on Earth by 2030 built on the EPIC and SINE Platform, a multi-player, distributed, real-time social change game operating system, and network exchange.

Reverent Revolution of Radical Hope

We envision empowered individuals and communities capable of bringing about the large-scale behavior changes needed to address the urgent and imminent threats to our human civilization. With compassion, we can turn our empathy into action and apply the principle that "the hurt of one is the hurt of all" and "the honor of one is the honor of all".

As we play Peace on Earth by 2030 we respect and listen past our differences while attuning to each other's needs and co-creating creative solutions. We meet face to face to build social bonds, celebrate the oneness of the human family, and to weave our strategies together. SINE Founder Unity Earth convenes U Day Festivals along the Road to 2020.

Here is a Game Map. Click here to explore the 7 actions, players, and teams.

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