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"Making Finance Restorative with Revolutionary Lending, Giving, and Investing"--RSF Social Finance

RSF Social Finance is revolutionizing giving, lending, and investing. Their vision is that money serves the highest intentions of the human spirit and contributing to an economy based on generosity and interconnectedness.

Their website,, says:

The Vision:

We envision a world in which money serves the highest intentions of the human spirit and contributes to an economy based on generosity and interconnectedness.

Each of us has a purpose in life, a journey of discovery and recognition. When we are able to bring that purpose in service to others and recognize one another’s gifts and needs, then money can move in a way that liberates human capacity for compassionate action.

The Mission:

To create financial relationships that are direct, transparent, personal and focused on long-term social, economic and ecological benefit.

We achieve our mission by:

· Offering investors and donors dynamic ways to align their money with their values

· Connecting entrepreneurs with diverse forms of capital

· Empowering leaders and advancing innovations in the field of social finance

Our Story:

Founded in 1936 as the Rudolf Steiner Foundation, RSF has continued to be a pioneering force in social finance.

Today, RSF offers investing, lending and giving services to those who are committed to improving society and the environment. We currently have over 1,900 clients who are creating enormous positive impact by helping us redirect the flow of money in local markets, and heal an economy often damaged by exploitation and resource depletion.

Together, we’re creating a shift from financial transactions that are complex, opaque and anonymous to those that are direct, transparent and personal. Every decision we make is based on long-term relationships, not short-term outcomes.

How We Work:

By questioning assumptions about how money works and collaborating with our partners and clients, we’re creating new models of working together, new products, and fresh ways of engaging with finance.

We believe that inquiry and dialogue are essential to transforming people’s relationship with money and moving the economy toward greater equity. We enable the investors, donors and entrepreneurs in our community to explore the role of money in their lives and engage with it in more meaningful ways.

Our deeply entrepreneurial culture and unique approach to our work enable us to generate breakthrough ideas at the intersection of social change and finance. Since 1984, we have focused on developing innovative social finance tools that serve the unmet needs of our clients and partners.

Integrated Capital: Leveraging Capital for Good

RSF takes a holistic approach to financing social entrepreneurs. We provide both the capital and connections you need to reach your goals.

Current financial systems and incentives focus on maximizing short-term returns for wealth holders. RSF’s Integrated Capital Fellows believe a different paradigm is possible. Learn more about the Institute and see how Fellows--past and present--are joining forces to work towards this new economic reality.

Example of Innovative Ownership Structure

Organically Grown Company announced in early July that it had become one of the first companies in the U.S. to be owned by a purpose-driven perpetual trust. In our largest loan to date, we provided the capital to help OGC transition to the new ownership structure. The switch is not only transformational for the company, but for the organic farming industry as a whole.

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