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"Home: We Can Choose Humanity's Future"--Ruth L. Miller, PhD.

Ruth Miller says that even as the world we’re living in is dying, the world we could be living in is waiting to be born. The seeds are planted, the resources are at hand. We can choose our future.

In her book Home: We Can Choose Humanity's Future, Ruth Miller, PhD, says that the global industrial culture is not working, and there are other ways to live. The old myths no longer hold, and new explanations of reality are replacing them. The old technologies are destroying our biosphere, and new technologies are being developed, and new boundaries, based on ecology, are being encouraged to help us honor the planet’s natural processes instead of trying to control them. The seeds are planted, the resources are at hand. We can choose our future.

In this book, Dr. Miller, a longtime student of cultures and builder of communities, walks us through that process, giving us a manual for building a new world. She shows us how what we’ve assumed is undermining our wellbeing and how we can build communities that work for the long term, with economic, political, healthcare, and education systems that will help both the planet and the people who live on it thrive.

She is best described as a synthesist of all things relevant to consciousness, human potential, and culture. She integrates modern science and ancient wisdom in her books, classes, and individual guidance sessions.

As she says on her website, "Creating the life we all want requires asking very different questions, seeing with our inner vision, and exploring with both heart and mind."

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