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Have we passed the cultural transformation “tipping point”?

An internationally recognized futurist says we have. The “hundredth monkey” could be here.

You may be familiar with the term the “tipping point”, which has sometimes been called the “hundredth monkey” phenomenon. In a cultural sense, it refers to the idea that when enough people embrace a new way of thinking and being, our culture and our world will transform into a more harmonious state. Many people in our Western culture have been working towards that for hundreds of years, and indigenous peoples have been knowing and living that reality for literally millennia.


Dr. Ruth Miller is an internationally recognized futurist who is best described as a synthesist of all things relevant to consciousness, human potential, and culture. In her current classes and lectures on "The World We Are Creating," she shares the results of her ongoing trends-scanning process.


As of this year, she has concluded that the cultural transformation we’re going through has passed the "tipping point." Based on numerous indicators and models of cultural dynamics, it's clear to her that the old material-gain focused, Empire-of-acquisition cultures of the past 6000 years are rapidly being replaced world-wide by new, soul-focused, community-based cultures of stewardship.  


If you’re curious about her conclusions and how she arrived at them, she will present her new and updated information in a hybrid talk:

¨      Saturday May 18, 2024 from 1:00-3:00 pm PDT

¨      in person at Ocean Unity in Waldport, OR and

¨      on Zoom, which will be recorded. Click here for the Zoom link. The recording will be posted on Ocean Unity’s YouTube channel. 


Join us for what promises to be an  illuminating, inspiring, important, and very different perspective on “what the world is really coming to,” and please share this blog post freely!


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