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Four Ways to (Really) Change the World

Changing the world is not only possible--it’s time. These paradigm-shifting, consciousness-based perspectives show a way.

In my work of helping to hospice our dying current culture and midwife the new emerging one, I pay attention to emerging patterns that point to a Life-aligned culture, a Life economy, an ecological civilization.

The four paradigm-shifting offerings below have just recently come across my path. They are timely because they’re all starting now or very soon.

Even though they look like very different approaches, to me their common thread is unmistakable—they are each about shifting our paradigms and transforming our world with our consciousness.

Since we’re in a quantum field, changing our inner consciousness is how we actually change the outer world.

The synchronicity of these offerings showing up at the same time indicates to me that the quantum field is reflecting and responding to our collective requests to create a different world, and that it’s not only possible, it’s time.

Of course, since these are only the ones that have shown up in my awareness right now, there are any number of others I don’t know about yet. If you know of others, please let me know.

I invite you to enjoy exploring and engaging with any of these that might call you.

“How do we transform a Death Economy that is consuming and polluting itself toward self-destruction into a Life Economy that is sustainable, circular, and creates an Ecological Civilization? That is the most important question of our time. And, despite the skeptics, there are practical solutions.

“In my upcoming webinar, Indigenous Wisdom and Proven Practices that Will Change Your Life and Create an Ecological Civilization, I describe the ways perceptions mold reality. The challenge for us today is to change our mind-sets from ones that define success as maximizing short-term materialistic consumption and profits to one that supports life – all life – now and in the future.

“We can only do this as communities that are integrated with a global community. However, each of us has a personal role to play. Because of our ability to alter perceptions, we can practice shapeshifting on the individual level that also impacts everyone around us – and the entire planet . . . “

Peace on Earth by 2030 Game: A Moonshot for Humanity, with David Gershon, started Aug. 2 with registration extended until Aug. 9, 2024:

“The Peace on Earth by 2030 Game is based on the seven strategies that ignited and enabled the world to come together in common cause to bring a torch of peace around the world in the First Earth Run in 1986 and create Peace on Earth wherever it went.

“These seven strategies have evolved into “The Game.” The Game is combined with robust social change tools carefully honed and tested in hundreds of cities with millions of people over these ensuing four decades.”

David Gershon created “The Game” as well as 1986’s First Earth Run, which is an incredible story.

Walk for the World, with Dr. Joe Dispenza, on Sept. 23, 2023:

“Imagine a global community, walking into a new future, together. With a collective attention, focused on change, and clear intention. When we walk as one mind and one heart, a higher consciousness emerges. We walk as it with hearts and eyes wide open, releasing the old stories to become an evolved version of ourselves.”

As he says in his blog:

“Perhaps more than any time in history, the world is extremely divided . . . It’s become harder and harder to disagree in a civil way . . . to respect differing points of view . . . and to peacefully coexist.

“As a result, more and more of us are living in stress and survival—and in that state, we don’t have the capacity for generosity, collaboration, tolerance, and kindness. It’s become too easy to lose sight of our commonalities, our shared experience, and the inherent good nature in our fellow human beings.

“In my experience, the best way to counter the effects of such disharmony and mistrust it to create and nurture a sense of community. When we can come together with a shared vision and respect for each other’s beliefs, we find ourselves liberated from the illusion of separation.

“In the welcoming and healing energy of community, we realize we’re all in this together—and together, we can elevate our emotions. We can share a collective intention to change ourselves—and, ultimately, make some change in our world. Together, we can elevate discourse. And we can elevate energy on a global scale.

“Ultimately, in this work, we learn that nothing in our life changes . . . until we change. By extension, the only way to change the world . . . is to change ourselves. The Walking Meditation is how we enact and embody that change. One step at a time.”

“In this webinar series, Vanessa, 47, and her daughter Giovanna, 23, embark on a cross-generational conversation that sets the stage for an exploration of the decline of modernity and the monumental challenges and possibilities that lie ahead of us. Together, they candidly discuss the complexities of confronting humanity's wrongs and our shared complicity in perpetuating harm. They emphasize the importance of facing our shadows, metaphorically and literally composting our "shit," navigating tightropes, and moving with storms together.

“Participants will have the opportunity to engage in what Vanessa terms "probiotic education" — an education that supports our collective digestion of the challenging circumstances unfolding within and around us. Rather than prescribing fixed beliefs or solutions, the webinar offers tools that strengthen our intellectual, affective, and relational capacities, equipping us to confront the complexities of multiple realities. It encourages us to learn from past and ongoing collective mistakes in order to make only new mistakes in the future, and to show up differently for the planet.”

As the African proverb says, “It takes a village . . .”

I offer my work, including this blog, as a ministry for our individual and collective cultural transformation.

Your support is most welcome with tax-deductible contributions here, as well as your comments about this blog to or through my website.

In the service of a Life-aligned, Life-based, Life-centric culture,


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