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"Money-Morphosis"--Crystal Arnold

Crystal Arnold says, "If money were not the sole measure of value, how would behavior change? People will redefine value according to what contributes to their well-being. The True Wealth Template allows individuals and communities to reorient their priorities. We need a new story of what is valuable; a template for true wealth. In order to change our value system, we need to change our very assessment of value."

Crystal is the founder of Money-Morphosis, and the author of the “Discover Your True Wealth” course using the True Wealth Template,

She created the Money-Wise Women podcast in July 2016,, in which she has featured women discussing various aspects of money, economics, and finance. Some examples include:

~ Real Wealth of the Caring Economy with Riane Eisler

~ How to Create Thriving Communities with Ruth Miller

~ Activating the Soul of Money with Lynne Twist

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