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Cultural Butterfly



Weaving a world of well-being for all

in a Life-aligned culture of right relationships.

My vision is a world in which all beings are flourishing because we are embracing Life as the infinite game it is.
An infinite game means the primary goal is to keep perpetuating
and playing the game.
We have been mistakenly acting as if Life is a finite game. A finite game has to end in order for someone to “win”. 
When Life "wins", there are no losers!

The disruptions and breakdowns in our lives are happening because the beliefs and stories

we've been living by are upside down and backwards


Dr. Bruce Lipton describes the false beliefs and stories which control our life and are killing us. We've been living by a:

  1. Newtonian belief that physical matter and the material realm is all there is, that matter is all that “matters”, and that matter causes and creates other matter;

  2. Darwinian belief that the world is based on competition and struggle for survival, so people fight over physical matter.


He calls them the “caterpillar” structure. In a word, these beliefs and stories are bankrupt, and the external crises we're experiencing are a reflection of this bankrupt thinking and models of how life works. 


Our world today is the end of these old beliefs.  It is the end of the “caterpillar”.


In this 3-minute video, Dr. Lipton describes the process of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, and how it is like our current culture and economy, like this:

Icon1_edited (1).png

Quantum science says the beliefs and perceptions we have been living by are false because:

  1. the invisible field of energy is real and is all there is, and our mind shapes our biology and life to conform to our beliefs and assumptions;

  2. evolution is actually based on cooperation, not competition; the whole biosphere is a balanced harmonious community, except for humans because of our false beliefs and perceptions.


Our current socio-economic culture is an expression of an underlying worldview of separation from life that Indigenous peoples described as the disease of the white invaders. They named it "wetiko," literally “cannibalism”.  It translates as the alienated human soul, no longer connected to an inner life force and so it feeds on the energy of other beings. 


The Cultural Butterfly Project is a steward

of a life-aligned culture for the well-being of all.


This means composting the old culture and midwifing the new one,

including connecting with our authentic inner powers as creators and

bringing a new world into being from the inside out. 

It also means weaving the individual and collective experience together because

whatever any individual does absolutely affects the whole.

As Buckminster Fuller famously said, "You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete."

About Cultural Butterfly

About Elaine Cornick


I am sure you know a butterfly comes from a caterpillar that has gone into a chrysalis.  However, did you know that when a caterpillar goes into the chrysalis, it does not automatically become a butterfly?

The caterpillar contains within its body other cells called “imaginal cells” that are the basis for the butterfly. These imaginal cells are the seeds of future potential which had been dormant and which now begin a process of creating the new form and structure of the butterfly. In order to actually become a butterfly, the imaginal cells must connect with each other.


A breakdown is always an opportunity for a breakthrough. However, there is no guarantee that there will be a breakthrough, just as there is no guarantee that the imaginal cells in a caterpillar will become a butterfly.  Therefore, connections, cross-pollination, and conscious cooperation between and among the imaginal cells are critical for creating a new and different life, both in the caterpillar/butterfly and in our human lives and experience.  

Transformation (both individual and collective/cultural) does not occur in a linear, straight line. It requires de-construction (coming apart, letting go) and then re-configuring in new, unknown, unpredictable ways because of the quantum field.  It requires moving into and through the unknown, because that’s where creation happens. 

Becoming a new culture (individually and collectively) requires a non-linear process that has the right conditions for creativity and transformation.  It is the same process that a caterpillar goes through in becoming a butterfly.  Cultural transformation occurs organically through individual people, from the inside out.  It is not some externally-decided or managed change or event.


Dr. Joe Dispenza says that we get stuck on the mistaken idea that transformation has to be predictable and that we should be able to know how it’s going to happen. That’s our biggest error because the quantum model says that we can never control the outcome.  It has to be uncertain and unpredictable.  

Since we create our lives and experience through our stories/world views, an important purpose of the Cultural Butterfly Project is to give us new perspectives about the cultural stories we have been living by and see possibilities for evolving into higher levels of cooperation and co-creation.


There are innumerable examples springing up of this socio-economic cultural transformation which give real hope and substance to the new world we are in the process of creating.  See “Signs of the Emerging Cultural Butterfly" under “Blog” for examples.

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Meet Elaine
Elaine Cornick #1 - photo by Kevin Kubot

I am a mentor, guideilluminatorinspirer, and steward of a Life-aligned, Life-centered culture.

I connectcross-pollinate and catalyze new perspectives and possibilities in the emerging culture with “right relationships” and a deep respect for the sacredness of all beings.

For the past 40+ years my passion has been transforming the ways we work and live, especially in our work and economic culture.

My work is to help compost the old culture and midwife the new emerging one. To do this, I help people connect the dots, re-frame perceptions, and reorient their lives for more well-being to help make this transition as gracefully and easily as possible.

I’m humbly living on and stewarding the unceded traditional lands of the Wasco, the Warm Springs, and the Paiute peoples in a small rural farming community in what is now called Central Oregon. This gives me a window into the "on-the-ground" need for, opportunities/possibilities for, and resistances to socio-cultural/environmental/economic paradigm shifts.

I am a continuous life-long learner in the areas of personal, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation. Since 1975 I have been on a spiritual path, exploring consciousness in many ways. This has included various meditation practices, fourteen years with a spiritual teacher from the Hindu tradition, two years with a Lakota Sioux medicine woman in a Women’s Wisdom & Power circle, participating in metaphysical communities, and a great deal of transpersonal  emotional work.


My previous professional work was counseling and coaching. The work I do now is focused on possibility and creating.  I  completed a year-long training with the Consensus Institute learning to facilitate stuck groups and communities to "find new ground" with "best possible outcomes" and reach 100% agreement to create the life they really want.


I have been laying the foundation for this all my life, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Management, plus experience in coaching/counseling/consulting, facilitation/training, program development, community relations, and sales and marketing in the private, non-profit, and government sectors.

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I initially reached out to Elaine to gain a new perspective on my finance career.  What started as the question of "What can I do about my job?" became an exploration and manifestation of "What can I joyfully create with my life?"  Through conversations with Elaine, I was able to envision a much broader field of possibility and embrace my own creative process.  "Working" with Elaine is a transformative, life-changing experience. Elaine brings a wealth of insight, wisdom and knowledge about the creative process to each conversation. While she holds a respectful space for the exploration of serious topics, I find that it is her bright light and unique perspective that fuel the fires of alchemy.  She is truly gifted in creating a nourishing, vibrant atmosphere for clients to manifest their own larger creative, transformative spirit.

~ Angie B

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